Great Fun 5d Simulator Machine 5d Cinema Theater Equipment Entertainment

Great Fun 5d Simulator Machine 5d Cinema Theater Equipment Entertainment

Model No.︰SQ-Q03E

Brand Name︰SHUQEE

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 4000 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description


Great Fun 5d Simulator Machine 5d Cinema Theater Equipment Entertainment


Product Description

5D 6D 7D simulation ride cinema with snow, bubble, rain, wind, lightning Special effect system

5D 6D 7D cinema effects on the appearance of the seat is a set of very comfortable chair(s), specially designed and manufactured, not only has vibration, lifting, hair, leg sweep, water and other special effects, but also realize the seat up and down, left, and other sports before and after, up to a maximum of six seats direction characteristics.

According to sources power of seat, there were divided into three types:
Air brake, hydraulic brake and dynamic effects electric chair.
Scenes special effects equipment, according to video content, make the appropriate response simulation automaticly (computer controlled), simulation storms, rain, snow, lightning, jet, smoke, sprinkler and other scenes, add to make the audience feel the immersive sense of excitement. (Special effects equipment according to customer requirements increase or decrease accordingly).





All the whole system can be installed according to our Installation Instruction  Manual;

that is easily to install because all the parts finished installation before shipment.

we will pack one set,you just plug the power,the motion smulator can work.



 5D cinema seat (11)




The simulator can work automatically,you can let audience operate by themselves;or let one worker just open movie.


the motion and specail effect will work automatically.




 5D cinema seat (36)


Packaging & Shipping


  Safety pakcaging: Safe package: Bubble Pack +stretch films +carton+ wood frame





Our Services

 The  model of simulator,with different design,such as boat,flight etc.

different color can be chose.

Warranty period is 2years for motion simulator  chair, other equipment is 1year Guarantee. We are responsible for warranty if any quality problem in warranty period.In guaranteeperiod, we will be in "to the user service to owner, responsible, make the customer satisfied" serious attitude, effective system, and measures do guarantee, high quality, and rapid maintenance service safeguard the interest of the customer.



 5D cinema seat (34)



Company Information


   We are fully implementing the ISO9001: 2008 quality Management Implementation of Standards. A technological, cultural and creative company which realizing a set of 4DM/XD Theater system development, equipment production, planning and construction, operation and maintenance to form a whole industry chain.









1. How can I get the movies?


We offer  movies immediately and update per month for you. All for free!

Most of the 3D movies(change format to AVI) can be showed in simulator.


Approve DIY movie, you can make any movies as customer prefer



2. What are the differences between ELECTRIC/PNEUMATIC/HYDRAULIC SYSTEM?


Pneumatic,the chair's dynamic system from air compressor that is the most ripest techonology,that is very easy to maintain and repair after service;

Hydraulic,that chair's dynamic system from hydraulic station,the oil station have to seal oil,if the oil leave out,that will pollution the invironment and all the chairs have to stop and difficlut to maintain for not professional worker;

Electronic,the chair's dynamic system from electornic sensor and valve,that is new technology and simple structure.

                     that is very easy to install and maintain.

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